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 Live plants bring beauty to indoor spaces add freshness to indoor air quality. Established in 1975, we can say we have lead the way in the Las Vegas Valley for the highest quality service in the plantscaping field. Our plants and flowers come from the best stock acclimated and delivered to you. We have grown in this community and have planted seeds to insure it's blossoming future.



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interiorscape (plural interiorscapes)

Interior Landscaping (or Plantscaping) is the art of bringing nature and beauty to you and your office. Comprehensive studies have found that by introducing house plants into the work place, stress levels are reduced and there is a corresponding improvement in employee morale and productivity.  

Our Plant Service Programs are custom created for you and show our interior plantscaping design plan for your office space and a live plant service program for ongoing horticultural plant maintenance. Our services are first rate and our prices are competitive.

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Stunning beautiful plants are the first thing visitors see on arriving at your home or office and they can play a significant part in projecting your image.

Interiorscape service is an important and effective part of the modern efficient environment and is proven to increase work morale and productivity. Our interior plantscaping programs feature the use of tropical plants, flowers, trees and containers.

We realize one of the main problems with interior plant companies today is plants look good when they are first installed but as time passes they slowly lose their lush appearance and sometimes even look dreary. We understand the importance of keeping your interior space visually stunning for years to come.

During a maintenance visit we are quiet, courteous and take special care to keep your interior space free from any water drips on furniture and floors

Office Visit and Evaluation gives our designers an opportunity to see the corporate image your company portrays so that we can create an interior plantscape design that compliments your office space.

  • Strategic placement of plant and tree varieties, add varying height, color and textural interest.
  • Biological controls may be used to manage plant pets in order to avoid pesticide use in public areas.
  • Balancing water and fertilization levels with plant requirements will reduce disease and pest problems and extend plant life.
  •  Detailed grooming of foliage is critical to maintaining both plant health and your building's image in high-use areas.
  • Use of sub-irrigation in contained plantings will help control maintenance and replacement costs.